Top 15+ Free WordPress Theme Providers of 2019

Top 15+ Free WordPress Theme Providers of 2019

A WordPress theme can be one of the decisive factors which define the purpose of your website. This is the reason why every tech pundit recommends to give special attention to the layout of a theme. A poor theme selection can lead a viewer to completely misunderstand your website objective while a decent theme selection will always lead to further possibilities of success with the viewers.

A theme in WordPress is just like a drawing canvas where you express yourself and your business. Premium WordPress themes are one which mostly every gig recommends, however, I think of different perspective. No business or blog starts big. They always start small and then gradually grows. Budgets can be tight in the starting.

Where to find Free Wordpress Themes?

This leads to one ultimate solution, which is ‘Start with a Free WordPress Theme’ and gradually upgrade. Many Free WordPress themes are available in the market, in fact, over a thousand of them. The problem occurs where to find them. You can Google everything now, but there are possibilities when searching something over the internet consumes a hell lot of time. So, in this post, I am presenting you with Top 15+ free WordPress theme providers which will definitely save a lot of your potential time in which you might wish to do something productive. For this list, I have done some exhausting search over the internet to find some of the best sources of free WordPress themes and ranked them in accordance with the versatility in types of themes and quality of themes they offer. Let’s get started,

Wordpress Theme Directory

Now WordPress Theme Directory is actually known as themife best place for free themes. You all are aware of the fact that WordPress is an open source project, which means currently thousands of people are working to contribute their work in this enormous community. This is the main reason why this is the first place to check out for free themes. With over 2,000 free themes, is the largest free themes provider. It is very easy to search for the themes, as it gives you every filter through which you can search the theme to match your preferences (Color, menu items or header/footer). It also allows you to test the theme via Demo mode to check the elements of the theme. So it is the best source undoubtedly.

Themify: Free Themes is very well known for providing WordPress themes, be it paid or free. It has a huge collection of free themes with all the features you wish for a free theme. This source is a reliable one, as it gives you an option to check the theme first. So, you can cross check every theme to see if the theme’s elements are matching your preferences. gives you search filters which are effective and efficient to provide best solutions for your theme selection. It consists all kind of free themes such as parallax themes, one-page theme and many other. If you’re looking for free themes you should go for


WPExplorer is the one which is preferred by lots of WordPress freebies. Although it is considered one of the best premium WordPress provider (PAID), but I add this to the list because its free theme collection is unique and very much multipurpose. WPExplorer offers very few free themes, however, even with lesser free themes, the functionality and diversity in the layout are outstanding. The free WordPress themes in WPExplorer are versatile. You can try one and customize them in accordance with your specifications. Most of the times it clicks with the user’s need. And if not as it often happens with free themes, you can try out other themes.


ThemeZee is another free WordPress theme provider which offers themes under the Magazine category. There are loads of free themes to use. Free Magazine WordPress Themes are its field of expertise. They offer 21 free WordPress themes. They all are highly responsive and very interactive. In addition to free themes, they also offer paid services with more functions. Some of their free themes are: Courage, Momentous, Anderson, Rubine, Dynamic News, and Smartline.


Colorlib was founded in 2013, and since then it has been a premium source for WordPress Themes. It offers free and paid WordPress themes. Their free themes are highly responsive and their looks and layouts are like premium. With loads of customized option, you can transform your website’s look. One of the best parts of their free themes is that they even offer support in free themes which is highly appreciable. Their free themes include Shapely-One Page WordPress Theme; Illdy-One Page Business Theme; Sparkling-Flat Design Theme and much more to choose from.

Accesspress Themes

AccessPress Themes are one of the best-growing companies in web-design and development. They offer a wide range of premium and free WordPress themes. When I get into their website I was amazed by the variety they offer in free themes. All the themes related to many categories like: University, Construction, sports, custom design, fashion store and many are present. All are highly responsive themes with decent functionality. Some of their free themes are: Ripple, Parallaxsome, Unicon Lite, Gaga Corp, Enlighten and many others which you can first test and then download if that suits you


Themeisle provides you free WordPress themes in categories of Responsive, Restaurant, Blog, Business, E-commerce, Magazines, Photography, and Portfolio. With such range, you can choose the best free WordPress theme for your website. Themeisle provides all the set of demos to check the theme before applying it to your website. These demo versions are very well elaborated and explained. Some of their free WordPress themes are Hestia, ShopIsle, Zerif Lite, IsleMag, Parallax One, Reviewzine and many other.


ATheme is a renowned WordPress theme provider. They have 15+ free Wordpress themes currently, which can be used in variety of categories. They are highly customizable so you can modify any of the free theme to suit your website needs. Some of their free themes are Greatmag, Talon, Astrid, West, TheShop, Rocked, Perth, Bistro and many more to choose from.


ThemeGrill is a premium WordPress Theme provider. Their innovative and vibrant range of WordPress themes is unparalleled. Their free WordPress themes are evenly matched and highly responsive with all the essential functions (except the premium ones). You can test a live demo and if that suits you, you’re good to go. I recommend ThemeGrill in my list because it is reliable as well. Some its free themes are Radiate, Ample, Esteem, eStore, Himalayas and many more.


JustFreeThemes provides over 670 Free WordPress themes in various categories which will not just make your website awesome but also your business profitable. They have almost every category fully covered so, if you’re looking for a free theme for your website, justfreethemes might be your salvation. Some its free themes includes Asterion, Ruby, Zomer, Prasoon, Whitish Lite, Wlow and lots of others. Give it a try for sure. Its a win-win situation.


Now, when you enter their page, first you’ll read “Fabulous WordPress Theme Available for free”. And trust me, it might be the best move to select a free theme from Fabthemes. With awesome theme options and clean codes, they provide some of the best WordPress themes. And with constant updates, they’re offering varieties in one platter which is definitely appreciable. Some of its free themes are Subtler, Qubez, Pageant, Veston, Umbrella and many others. All the themes are highly responsive and customizable.


Fame themes is primarily offer varieties of WordPress themes as well as Plugins. Most of its themes are premium one, however its free themes are also cleverly designed with clean code, Highly responsive and mobile friendly, lightening fast easy setup and customization makes its free themes effective and efficient. It doesn’t offers many varieties of free themes, still the offered one are very much reliable. Some of its examples are Screenr, OnePress, Glob, Boston, Patus and Codilight Lite.


This website is well known for its selective nature over free themes. You probably have seen many websites with huge pile of free themes with no info about the updation of the theme. Themememe doesn’t follow this pattern. Giving free themes is not about number of themes offered. For themememe, it is about quality and performance. And I can bet that Themememe is one of those website who regularly filters its list of free WordPress themes. Some of its free themes are StarRight, Online Lite, Redxun Lite, Deadline, Breviter, Everly Lite and Adney and many more.


CpoThemes is rising in the world of WordPress themes. They have a small collection of themes which can be downloaded without any cost. This collection is not very large, however it consist of very high quality themes. With short in number, you can easily select as per your choice and I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed. They offers free themes with lot of customization options which enable you to modify the free theme in accordance with your business. Some of its free themes are Sentience, Expansive, Transcend, Enclosed, Intuition, Panoramica and Illustrious.

One Page Love

One page love is an awesome one page wordpress theme provider. They offer free themes under the section of free one page templates. Currently they have 36 free templates present in the portal. All are highly responsive one-page theme with clean coding. Some of the free templates are Clutterless v2, LowPoly HTML, Oneline Lite, Rolling, Proweb and many more.

SKT Themes

SKT Themes provide a vast number of free and quality WordPress themes. The variety is so diverse in nature that you can easily find that one theme destined to you. Free WordPress themes of SKT Themes are very modern and sleek in looks. They highly responsive WordPress Themes. All the free themes comes with a WordPress codex handbook to make customization easy. Some of its free themes are, Kraft Lite, Beauty Spa Lite, SKT Magazine, Perfect Event Lite, Naturo Lite and many of more. Every free theme in SKT Themes is a Lite version of a premium version that’s the reason they are better.

Template Express

Template Express is well known for its premium WordPress Themes. But then I hover my mouse on one of their option as free themes, I was amazed with such picture perfect themes available for free (Yes I know with limited functions). Their themes are equally reliable as their premium themes. Easy to setup and apply. They all are highly responsive with decent functionality. Some of its free WordPress themes are Premier, Sporty, Brasserie, Formation, Discovery, Indie, and Adamos. Apart from these mentioned they are updated on regular basis.

Design Wall

Design wall emphasize on Quality over Quantity. Even in their free themes they spend quality time to develop it. With priorities with effectiveness and user interaction, free themes of Design Wall are very enhanced. They are not just highly responsive but also incredibly functioned. User reviews claimed them to be very sleek and smooth. Some of its free themes are DW Mono, DW Timeline and some more are updating frequently.

So, these are some of the most popular Free WordPress theme sources. Before ending this topic I would like to make some point regarding pros of using a free theme. This info can give you a clear understanding of all the advantages of using a free theme and does it really suits your business needs. Let’s see,

It is obvious, that a free theme doesn’t cost a penny, So, if you’re a small business who wants to make its online presence, free theme is just the asset for you to start.

Using a premium theme can be highly expensive if you predicate it wrong. This doesn’t happen with free themes of course. If you choose a wrong theme, you simply download another.

If a plugin didn’t work in your free theme, you can simply change your theme to the one which supports that plugin, which is not in the case of premium plugin (You need to spend some bucks out of your pocket).

You can endlessly download free themes, as it doesn’t affect your pocket. It can be an act where you brush up every time and this can lead you to finally find a perfect theme for your website with respect to design and plugin usage.

So, choosing a free theme can be beneficial. If you like my list share it to help others and if you fell I miss some of the websites, help me by mentioning it in comment section.

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Sarah Clarke is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She is associated with WordSuccor Ltd. Which is expert in Custom WordPress Theme Development. She loves to share her intangible knowledge with others on the web. If you are about to find WordPress programmer for hire then get in touch with her on Twitter.

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