Install ScyllaDB on Debian Linux

Install ScyllaDB on Debian Linux

Intro: ScyllaDB is NoSQL database, which is rewrite of Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database and claims to have better performance and all other fancy stuff.


When attempting to install ScyllaDB as Cassandra replacement, I've found out that their page:

requires registration. This is a total SHOWSTOPPER.

Tried to google term: "scylladb repo"

It lists the install script with URLs:

From there, you can easily figure out, that it points to the URL:

So, all you need to do, is to edit debian repository list:

 sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

and add:

deb  [arch=amd64] stretch non-free


apt update
apt install scylladb

I've tried this on debian 10 buster, but after installation, there was some strange error.

The safer way is to install it as docker image

docker pull scylladb/scylla

Image source:*hNNOkeWSi4sMwkjMk18L6w.png

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