Just contributed to the great Cassandra CQL exporter tool on github:

List of my changes:

  • added possibility to export multiple keyspaces separated with ","
  • added possibility to export...

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Cassandra allows you to do backups using nodetool snapshot command.

But, this snapshot is not stored in .CQL format (which lists actual CQL commands just as you'd type them via CQL command line)

I came around this great exporter:

You ca...

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When you setup a remote cassandra cluster, and you want to communicate with it from your spring boot application, you have to make sure that all data which are transferred between your application and cluster are encrypted.

It took me a while to figure out how to do that.

First, you need to gene...

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today. If we take a look at the number of jobs posted by the programming language, we find something like this.

Image Source: Coding Dojo

We can see that Java still dominates today. It is because, with every new version of J...

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The way we design our application has evolved from monolithic to microservices.


With microservices, we have landed into the next phase of evolution phase of system architecture and web design. IT space is growi...

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Work experience

Established own software development company as a transition from self-employed freelancer


  • Development and maintenance of
  • Development and maintenance of
  • Other freelance projects and activities

Occupation or position held


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While working with hibernate (which is quite popular java object relational mapper), you might have stumbled upon this exception:

Row was updated or deleted by another transaction

What does this exception really mean? Well, you're most probably trying to update an object via hibernate which was...

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Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

A friend of mine wanted to start to learn java, and I wanted to help him, so we created a simple Hello World example.

public class Hello {
    public static void main(String argv[]) {
        System.out.println("Hello world !");

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